I was interested in art at a young age because my father is an artist. I loved coloring & being crafty. Art was my favorite subject in school so I made sure I was taking either drawing or photoshop classes.

I skipped going to college & taught myself more about graphic design through many hours of youtube videos, online classes, & picked up some knowledge from my brother who is also in the design field. I landed some jobs doing corporate design but I had no creative freedom. I needed to let my creative juices flow!

I was blessed 11 years ago when I was asked to create posters, flyers, & cover art for Uniting Souls Music. They allowed me to design freely & I still create for them till this day.

I continued on though designing for dog walkers, a plumber, a local comic con, a video game con, and a bachelorette party supply company. During that time I picked up lots of skills & got a bit into social media management.

After years of restricted designing for others, I have decided that I rather focus on creating things with my own flavor & no limitations. Seeing so many cute sticker shops thrive while bringing joy to others through awesome artwork was a big inspiration for me to start Prismatash.  ♡( ◡‿◡ )

How did I come up with the name Prismatash?

It’s a play of off Prismatic (of colors) formed, separated, or distributed by an optical prism or something acting as one and the first part of my name Tashia.

In other words I’m the prism who is beaming out colorful, cool, and cute stickers. °˖(⁰⁰)◜✧˖°